CS Praxis Pass By Reference Video Tutorial

I recently presented a session on the ETS Computer Science Praxis Test at the Arkansas Computer Science Education Summit.  One of the questions in the study companion warranted further investigation.  This video walks you through the concepts pass-by-value and pass-by-reference and shows you how to solve problems like Question 17.

Comment or reply if you have additional questions about this concept or would like to see more videos like this one covering questions in the study companion.

3 thoughts on “CS Praxis Pass By Reference Video Tutorial

  1. A McClure

    This is great! Thanks for publishing Mr. Moix. Would love to take your “class” for Praxis Prep if it’s offered this summer.
    I’m working through the sample test questions on the pdf. specificaly #20. According to the for loop, sum = 1. Based on this, I automatically eliminated choices A & C because they both state sum = 0. . However the answer is C. Can you provide an explanation?


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