Announcing ASMSA CS4HS

Through a generous grant from the Google CS4HS program, The Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and Arts (ASMSA) is thrilled to expand our Coding Arkansas’ Future initiative to reach even more teachers!  To grow the community of educators prepared to teach first-year high school computer science (CS) in the future, we are opening an online section of our CS1 and CS2 courses to teachers who need to learn CS before they teach CS.

Delivered through a combination of asynchronous weekly learning modules and interactive video support sessions, participants will complete all the same lessons and assignments high school students enrolled in the course experience.  ASMSA’s CS Specialists designed the course to meet the state’s new CS learning objectives, and have empowered a team of “Lead Learners” to support participants throughout the year.

For the past two years, cohorts of Arkansas high school teachers have partnered with ASMSA to simultaneously learn and teach CS through our CS+ program.  While this has been a good fit for many schools, the CS4HS program is designed specifically to reach teachers who were not eligible for CS+.

While enrollment in the online course will not be capped, 18 Arkansas educators who plan to teach CS1 & CS2 in the future will be selected to attend a series of face-to-face support sessions in July, October, and April.  Additionally, registration, meals, and housing costs will be covered for these participants to attend the Computer Science Education Leadership Summit in Russellville.  Finally, tuition scholarships for 4 hours of undergraduate college credit in CS will be available to assist participants who need the course credit for an Additional Licensure Plan.

Please see the ASMSA CS4HS Frequently Asked Questions document for additional details.  To enroll in this course and to be considered for face-to-face support and/or a tuition scholarship, complete the enrollment and application form by June 6, 2017.

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